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Yard Waste Removal Services


Yard Waste Basics

  • Grass clippings, garden debri,  leaves, and brush. We can haul twigs with yard waste, but they can be no larger than the thickness of a pencil.
  • All yard waste must be placed in a  brown paper yard waste bags or in cans with lids, labeled as "Yard Waste" (Can be purchased at your local hardware stores and some grocery stores.)
  • NO Plastic bags. These will not be picked up
  • NO small paper grocery bags. These will not be picked up
  • No garbage should be in yard waste bags. 
  • Each bag or can must have your waste hauler's Yard Waste Sticker (Buy Yard Waste Stickers only from your own Waste Hauler.)
  • The City of Springfield will not pick up yard waste or provide free service except for a limited time in the Fall and Spring (Watch for Media Announcements)
  • If you have curbside service, yard waste should be placed between the sidewalk and the curb.
  • If you have alley service, yard waste should be placed at the alley
  • Yard Waste stickers are $2.00 each
  • City of Springfield ordinance requires us to haul non-stickered yard waste if it is set out to the alley or curb and requires us to bill customers for its removal at $2.50 per bag. Customers should not place bags out to curb or alley or we are forced by ordinance to charge $2.50 per bag or can. 
  • No planting pots


Yard waste stickers can be purchased at the following locations

  • Walgreens 2305 W. Monroe
  • Walgreens 2500 S. Koke Mill Rd
  • Ace Hardware 1600 Wabash, Springfield
  • Ace Hardware 214 N. Walnut, Springfield
  • Ace Hardware 2100 N. Main, Chatham
  • Lakeside True Value 2221 Stevenson, Springfield
  • Noonan's True Value 510 Bruns Ln, Springfield
  • Noonan's True Value 801 N. Grand E, Springfield
  • Lowe's 3101 Wabash, Springfield
  • Lowe's 2560 N. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield (yard waste stickers only)
  • INB Bank Plummer, Chatham
  • County Market 1099 Jason Pl, Chatham
  • Village of Riverton 1200 E. Riverton Rd., Riverton
  • Williamsville State Bank - Sherman Branch, Sherman
  • Williamsville State Bank, Williamsville
  • Rochester True Value, Rochester

We request that your can be no larger than 34 gallon size and that your can or bag of refuse or yardwaste not weigh more than 60 pounds.


Free Fall/Spring Leaf Pick-Up - City of Springfield

  • The Public Works Department of the City of Springfield provides a free leaf pick-up in November, as well as a free Spring pick-up in April.
  • Leaves must be placed in 33-gallon paper yard waste bags (Obtained from any hardware store)
  • Plants grown to produce food can be disposed of in the trash. Garden waste can also go in the trash.
  • Fruit, nuts, sweet gum sticky balls.... If these materials are raked up along with grass clippings or leaves, it is acceptable to place them in yard waste bags or containers for collection. However if you have a pile that is only fruit, nuts, or sticky gum balls (no leaves or grass) these may be disposed in the trash with regular household garbage.

This service is for the City of Springfield Residents only (e.g. those located within the municipal corporate limits)



We do not haul branches.

  • The Public Works Department of the City of Springfield provides branch collection May through November for City residents. Place your branches between the side walk and curb in front of your house. There is no need to call to recieve service but if you need to know when crews will be in your area call the Public Works Garage at 789-2246.
  • If the City trims a tree, it will dispose of the branches. If a private trimmer works on your tree, he / she is responsible for limb disposal.

Professional Tree Trimmers are not to leave limbs on the curb for City crews to pick up.  This service is for the City of Springfield Residents only (e.g. those located within the municipal corporate limits)


Thanks to the City of Springfield (Division of Waste and Recycling)