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When we launched our company more than eight decades ago, the family doctor made house calls.  Those were the days.

But at Lake Area Disposal Service, these are the good old days.  We still make house calls and we take pride in the way that we do it.  Unlike cookie-cutter waste disposal companies, Lake Area Disposal gives many service options from which to choose.

We are able to provide a multiple-choice system of service because most of our route workers have been on the job many years.  They know your disposal needs in a way that only a local business can appreciate.  In turn, it is not uncommon for us to hear stories from our customers about how much they value the service our route staff provides.

Lake Area Disposal Service provides residential and commercial waste service for both household garbage and recycling materials.  We also provide specialty collection of large items and extra refuse.  For really big jobs we can provide roll off containers or offer an extra pickup on larger pick ups.

We offer basic curb and alley residential service throughout Sangamon County.  We also give our customers added value options such as carryout service and twice-a-week pickup in some areas.      

As a convenience for our customers, we bill quarterly for residential waste hauling services.  Billings are pro-rated from the date your service begins.  Our staff will be happy to explain how the process works.

Call us during business hours 8 a.m. 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8-3 on Friday at 522-9317.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • One or two can pickup once a week
  • Twice a week pickup in some areas
  • Carryout service so you wont have to lug your containers to the curb and back
  • Vacation service suspension so you dont have to pay for service you dont receive
  • Roll Off Containers

Please call for pricing.  Certain areas are not eligible for some service due to low demand.  Containers are limited in capacity to 34 gallons each.  When you order service with Lake Area Disposal, our staff will explain the proper location of cans for curb, alley, or carryout service.

We also offer specialized waste removal such as dumpsters, extra load removal and senior citizen discounts.  Please see tabs relative to those services elsewhere on our website.


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