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Frequently Asked Questions


The following questions are commonly asked by our new customers. If you can't find an answer to your question below, please call us at (217) 522-9317.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes! Visit our Pay Online page to pay your bill online. 

What size trash cans should I use?

Containers are limited in capacity to 34 gallons each. 

What time should I have my trash out for pickup?

We ask that you have your trash out by 6am, even if your trash is normally picked up later. While uncommon, substitutions can occur due to illness or vacation that can result in your trash being picked up at a different time than normal. 

Do I need to sort my recycling?

Yes. See the curbside recycling page for instructions on what can be recycled and how to properly sort your recycling bins. 

How often will I be billed for service?

As a convenience for our customers, we bill quarterly for residential waste hauling services.  Billings are pro-rated from the date your service begins.

What happens if my pick up day falls on a holiday?

If your pickup falls on or after a holiday, pick up will be one day later that week only. Visit the holidays page to see the list of holidays that are observed. 

How do I dispose of paint?

We can only dispose of paint if it is dry. The best way to do this is to pour kitty litter or sand in the can and leave the lid off until the paint is dry. Once it is dry it can be disposed of with your regular trash.

How do I get rid of a TV?

BLH is the only place we know if in town that will take TVs for a fee. Periodically there are sponsored drop offs at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, which is usually announced in the newspaper.